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Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Risk Assessments
Risk assessments are the cornerstone of health and safety compliance in the UK.  They should be carried out in a manner that is proportional to the size and inherent risk of the business.  Our philosophy is to ensure your business is provided with the risk assessments it needs and not some generic document which is mostly irrelevant to you.
We will work with you to provide risk assessments that you can understand and work with in the future.  We will help you to devise your action plan and to understand what you have to do next.
Examples of our recent risk assessment work:
  • Fire risk assessment for a new B&B
  • Noise risk assessment for a food manufacturing factory
  • COSHH risk assessment in an industrial engineering factory
  • A complete H&S risk assessment for a public house
We would be pleased to quote for your risk assessment business.  Please contact us

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